Corporate Social Responsibility

Being "socially responsible" is at the heart of what we do. We believe that corporate social responsibility (CSR) can make a positive difference for everyone - our employees, our business and our customers. At Rita, we strive to be a responsible business because it makes us a better business. We expect this from our employees, and we encourage it from our suppliers and partners.

Health and Safety

Our company is committed to achieve a “zero incident” goal. We strictly monitor every stage of production process in terms of Health and Safety, so as to prevent professional injury and illness from happening. 


We constantly monitor the impact of our activities on environment in order to comply with all relevant regulations and encourage environmental awareness among employees and subcontractors.


We are giving job opportunity to more than 200 employees. Constant expanding gives us a chance to create more jobs and in some way decries the unemployment level.


We provide one of the best working conditions in our business sector, making sure that they reach the Health and Safety standards at the best. Our company is totally against child labor.