Only few companies in Latvia can be proud of having more than 90 years of successful history, and Rita is one of them.

Our main production unit was built in 1913 as a biggest shoe production company in the Baltic region. 

In 1923 local industrialists started production of knitted garments that followed by establishing a Joint Stock Company ”Rita” on February 20, 1924. The first sold products were: tablecloths, curtains and laces.

In July 1940 the factory changed its name to “Sarkanais Rits” (“Red Morning”), that it still much known for its high quality underwear and basic garments. During Soviet period the company became a leader in Latvian textile industry that led to the merging of three companies –“Sarkanais Rits”, “Gauja” and “Sarkana Baltija” – into one- “Sarkanais Rits”.

On the 30th of July 1992, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, State Company ”Rita” was reorganized and Private Joint Stock Company ”Rita” was established.

Following twenty years became the most advanced and interesting time for our company. We totally renewed our knitting, dyeing and finishing machinery that led to having the largest knitting, dyeing and finishing machine fleet in Latvia and one of the biggest in the Baltic region.

Our company has massively invested in modern technologies in cutting, sewing and screen printing. Today we can proudly say that our cutting and sewing departments are the most up-to-date ones in Latvia in terms of quantity and quality of our machinery.

Today Rita is the largest knitwear producer in Latvia and one of the leading producers in the Baltic region with vertically integrated production process. Our factory employs more than 200 people and is constantly expanding by offering new products through constant R&D processes to new markets.